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Improving Patient Quality of Life

At Endoprotech we strive to find solutions. Novel ideas that focus on advancing patient care that prevailing science is just beginning to understand. Our strength is in looking for solutions not simply through the lens of transforming human health but also transforming the patients quality of life.


Our Focus

EndoProtech Inc. develops novel liposome-based therapies to treat microvascular dysfunction and the "no-reflow" phenomenon following myocardial infarction, stroke, organ transplantation, tissue transfer, and the re-opening of blocked arteries .


Our Therapeutic Breakthroughs


EndoGuard: Intra-coronary administration of drug in pre-clinical studies demonstrated an ~50% reduction in infarct size and an ~85% reduction in the area of microvascular "no-reflow". EndoGuard will be utilized as an adjuvant to percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to attenuate reperfusion injury in patients with myocardial infarction. EndoGuard could be used as an additive to cardioplegia solutions during cardiopulmonary by-pass procedures, as an additive to organ preservation solutions.  Also, EndoGuard can be used during procedures to treat arterial peripheral vascular  disease.


Going Forward

EndoProtech – Advancing the science of drug-delivery. Through dedication and innovation, we will continue to research effective ways to offer patients the highest quality of life through unique lipid-based therapies.

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